Our Commitment

Keeping Student Athletes
In The Game, For Life

2018 Annual Screening
Sunday, June 10th at the Wells Fargo Center

Thank you to all our volunteers who so generously contribute their time and expertise to our all-day student athlete screenings. Our 2018 event will take place at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, June 10, 2018, where over 700 student athletes will receive free physical screenings!

A special acknowledgment to Marques Colston and the Philadelphia Soul for making this day such a tremendous success!.

The Athlete Health Organization (AHO) is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organization with a mission to provide free, comprehensive health screenings and educational information to student athletes in underserved areas, enabling them to participate in sports and preparing them for a healthy life. The AHO’s efforts have produced documented, lifesaving success, identifying life threatening diagnoses for several student athletes.

The AHO is committed to saving and protecting thousands of student athletes each year. Through our annual screening events, the AHO has performed over 7,000 free comprehensive health screenings to underserved students in Philadelphia.

Our Commitment
The goal through our screening and educational
programs is to prevent unnecessary tragedies
today and for generations to come.
—David Shipon, MD, AHO CEO

We strive to ensure that every student athlete has the best opportunity to participate in sports safely:


Our thorough 6 step physical screening, including an EKG, reveals health issues that often go unnoticed with standard physicals— or worse, no check-ups at all.


Our physical screenings have identified numerous life threatening conditions that, left undetected, could have serious consequences.


Relevant materials are distributed to support and encourage the student athletes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment
I don’t want to see any child die from
participating in interscholastic athletics. Many of
the students that receive our physicals do not
have proper health insurance for physicals, and
may not have had the opportunity to have
serious medical conditions identified. I want to
make this comprehensive screening available
to all students.
— Jerry Steingard, MD
Co-Founder of the AHO

The physical screening includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Review of patient’s medical history • Neurological testing

Height/weight/vision screenings • Blood pressure evaluation

Heart/lungs tests (includes EKG machine and pulmonary function test)

Echocardiogram if deemed necessary • Abdomen/hernia

Range of motion and flexibility • Eye exam

An overall evaluation/review of the examination (with family when applicable)

All of these evaluations can identify a number of life-threatening and debilitating conditions that would not have been discovered in a standard sports physical. We are proud to note that the current AHO physical exceeds the standard for middle and high school athletes nationwide.

Our Commitment

Help Us Keep Student Athletes
In The Game, For Life



Our workforce is 100% volunteer and we can’t survive without the committed individuals who give their time. Stand side by side with top medical providers to give student athletes the care they deserve. Sign up today!

Online volunteer registration will be available April 1.


Join our community of partners dedicated to the health and vitality of all student athletes. Contact us today to learn how you can make a difference in the community you serve!